Equine Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment

Upon initial assessment, once veterinary consent and history has been gained, the assessment process can begin. 

Static and Dynamic assessment will help identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Following this, Molly will palpate and treat the horse according to the findings. 

Advice and guidance will then be given to aid rehabilitation and improvement. 

Follow up appointment can then be booked for the future. 


There area a number of different forms of treatment available in order to treat your horse: 

  • Manual Therapies 
    • Massage 
    • Stretches 
    • Manual Exercises (Rehab) 
  • Electrotherapies  
    • PEMF 
    • TENS
    • NMES

Each of the treatments prescribed are individual to the patient needs. 


Rehabilitation will be prescribed by Molly, to work with the owner, with the use of therapeutic exercises to maximize recovery and performance.